Abuse & Neglect

Fact: According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, abuse and neglect can have a long-term impact on a child's life and may endure for years after the abuse occurs. Although physical injuries can heal, the emotional scars can last for generations.

Almost all of the youth we serve come from a family in crisis. In most cases, child abuse and neglect is perpetrated by the parents and those closest to the children.

At Lad Lake, we work diligently to help teens and young adults recover from the trauma that neglect and abuse cause. Our expert staff rely on a trauma-informed approach that embraces a positive youth culture and builds on a child’s strengths in a safe and healthy environment.

Even if it happens when the child is very young, can lead to addiction, mental health and behavior issues as they age. Lad Lake intervenes by providing outreach, residential services and therapies to children suffering from the long-term effects of abuse and neglect.

91% of the youth in our care report they feel more hopeful about the future

Helping Youth affected by Abuse & Neglect

Lad Lake Helps Youth Struggling with the effects of Abuse and Neglect through:

Specially-trained counselors

Psychiatric Assessment and therapy

On-site specialized schools with individualized education plans

One-on-one case management

Recreation and supervised community service

Spirituality Support Groups (voluntary)