Fact: Youth who have alcohol or drug dependencies are more likely to fail in school, suffer from physical or sexual assault, and experience legal problems (CDC).

The same research also shows that youth who have those with a history of child abuse and neglect, like many of the residents at Lad Lake, are 1.5 times more likely to use illicit drugs.

That is why the youth in our care receive a complete psychiatric assessment, along with an assigned specialized counselor to work with youth and identify individualized treatment needs. Together, Lad Lake works with youth on their journey to a drug and alcohol-free independent life.

Through a multi-faceted approach that includes therapists, psychologists, teachers, medical staff, and spiritual leaders, Lad Lake works purposefully with youth and their families to help them break the cycle of addiction. Learn more about how Lad Lake’s programs help youth with AODA dependencies.

Helping Youth with AODA Dependencies

Lad Lake Helps Youth Struggling with Alcohol or Drug Abuse (AODA) Dependencies through:

Specially-trained counselors

Psychiatric Assessment and therapy

An integrated family approach

One-on-one case management

On-site specialized schools with individualized education plans

Spirituality Support Groups (voluntary)

Recreation and supervised community service