School Dropout Risk

Fact: According to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, only 50% of youth with mental health issues and developmental disorders receive treatment. Of those, half drop out of high school.

Through its alternative schools, Lad Lake teachers help hundreds of kids with developmental and behavioral challenges succeed in school including:

  • Youth with developmental delays or behavioral disabilities
  • Youth with alcohol or other drug dependencies
  • Students with severe credit deficiencies
  • Students at-risk of expulsion

For many of these youth, education through Lad Lake is their last hope at getting back on track academically. Lad Lake teachers offer individualized education plans for students, and are able to cater to their specialized needs.

Every year, Lad Lake works with students at its onsite residential campuses, as well as its behavioral reassignment school Together, Lad Lake teachers, counselors and therapists develop rely on an integrated family approach to help students get back on a path toward graduation.

Each year, our team provides more than 300,000 hours of speciality instruction for hundreds of kids with developmental and behavioral challenges.
of at-risk students at Lad Lake’s alternative school graduated last year.

Supporting Struggling Students and Preventing School Dropouts

As with most Lad Lake youth, students often come from a crisis in their home life and/or community. Because of that, Lad Lake ensures we have access to these vital resources at our schools:


Medical staff

Alcohol and drug counseling

Crisis support staff and counselors

Life is hard, but I can’t let that stop me from doing what I really want to do in life. I just want to keep the stuff that’s happened to me in the past... I just want to go to school and get my work done. There are a lot of thing I want to do now.

-Bobby, Lad Lake Alumni