Sexual Exploitation

Fact: Commercial sex exploitation (sex trafficking) has been documented in ⅔ of all Wisconsin counties and the average age of a youth who is pulled into sex trafficking is 13-years-old.

For the past 170 years, Lad Lake programs have supported our community’s most vulnerable young people. Today, that population includes girls and young women who have become a target for sex traffickers.

Lad Lake houses the state’s only residential treatment center specifically designed for youth survivors of sex trafficking and is the Wisconsin leader in specialized treatment for commercially sexually exploited youth.

As a COA-accredited organization, Lad Lake focuses on nationally-recognized programs in its treatment process to help young girls heal. We’re proud to report that 100% of the girls who complete the program return home or move into a lower level of care . The program also has a 0% runaway rate.

100% of the girls who complete the program return home or move into a lower level of care .

Since 2013, Lad Lake has helped sexually exploited girls with:

Treatment that extends beyond just a few weeks and focuses on long-term results

A direct care 3:1 child to direct staff ratio with experts who have completed the national Victim Advocacy training program

24-hour care with access to teachers, psychiatrists, nurses, legal support and more

Multiple proven therapies including art, therapeutic recreation, and occupational therapy

A family-centered approach that includes weekly therapy plus monthly family visits.

Four people sit at the top of a set of stairs

I will have to deal with that experience for the rest of my life – there’s no burying it – but it doesn’t have to affect my life in a negative way…because of Lad Lake, I know there is hope.

-anonymous youth sex trafficking survivor