Fact: On average, 80% of youth in residential care previously experienced severe childhood neglect or abuse.

Studies have shown that the vast majority of youth in residential care suffer from severe family instability including: domestic violence (23%), substance abuse problems (51%), parental abandonment (42%), mental health issues of a family member (24%), or parental arrest or incarceration (30%) to name a few.

Nearly all of the youth at Lad Lake come from a family in crisis. These same youth often also encounter violence within their neighborhoods and community. The result is that 92% of youth in residential care report experiencing multiple traumatic events.

That is why Lad Lake staff works tirelessly, with the whole family, to help stabilize crisis. Expert staff rely on a trauma-informed approach that embraces a positive youth culture and builds on a child’s strengths in a safe and healthy environment.

Lad Lake supports these young people in a structured, safe, therapeutic and trauma-sensitive environment in a residential setting that allows them to heal and rebuild. Learn more about how Lad Lake’s programs help traumatized youth.

95% of youth at Lad Lake report they have learned critical skills in how to handle challenging situations.

Lad Lake helps traumatized youth and abuse survivors through:

Group and individual therapy

Functional family therapy and in-home therapy

Supervised parental visits

Specialized art and play therapy

Crisis support staff and counselors

Spirituality Support Groups (voluntary)

Therapeutic Recreation and supervised community activities


They treated me like a person, not a number… When I came here [Lad Lake], I realized people do care if you just give them a chance.

-Deidre, a former Lad Lake resident