Lad Lake provides the broadest continuum of care of any area agency – integrated, comprehensive programs that allow us to address our youths' needs seamlessly and simultaneously.

Guiding Growth

Our trauma-informed services cultivate safety, stability and self-reliance for more than 1,100 kids and their families each year.

Most Lad Lake youth have suffered multiple, interrelating traumas which must be understood and addressed in combination.  Each child in our care is evaluated for the following array of needs – an evaluation that informs a customized, integrated care plan that taps Lad Lake’s comprehensive continuum of services.

We believe that all children should have the support they need to succeed in school and life. But for some, things like poverty, family instability, abuse and neglect threaten that support.

81% of Lad Lake youth in residential care have lived through multiple traumatic events.

At Lad Lake, 95% of the youth in our care come from a family in crisis who are unable to support the needs of their youth. Most suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and serious anxiety disorders. Lad Lake is the emergency room of the child welfare system.

Lad Lake provides safety, individualized therapy, and skill-building for independence. Whether it’s support youth who struggled in school and the community or a safe-haven for exploited and abused girls, Lad Lake counselors cultivate stability for more than 1,100 youth and their families every year.

For 170 years, Lad Lake has prided itself on evolving to meet our community’s most pressing needs. Our experience tells us the best way to create long-term success is through proven programs that foster healthy relationships, strengthen families, and connect youth to community resources. In this way, we can ensure that youth get a second chance in life that they deserve, and that they obtain the opportunities they will need to succeed.

To learn more about our programs, the youth and the communities we serve, we invite you to read our latest Annual Report.