Lad Lake offers a variety of specialized academic programs for youth at-risk of school failure. Lad Lake operates three schools in Milwaukee and Dousman with programs are specifically suited to meet the needs and challenges of each student.

With a highly-individualized classroom environment, high teacher-to-child ratios, and onsite specialists and therapists, Lad Lake schools give students the greatest opportunity for success. Through its day schools and onsite schools at its two residential campuses, Lad Lake teachers help hundreds of kids with developmental and behavioral challenges succeed in school including:

  • Youth with developmental delays or behavioral disabilities
  • Youth with alcohol or other drug dependencies
  • Students with severe credit deficiencies
  • Students at-risk of expulsion

For many of these youth, Lad Lake is their last hope at getting back on track academically. Lad Lake teachers offer individualized education plans for students, and are able to cater to their specialized needs.

76% of youth increased their reading and math scores by 2 grade levels in one semester.

As with most Lad Lake youth, students often come from a crisis in their home life and/or community. Because of that, Lad Lake provides the following:

  • Small classrooms (1:1:10)
  • Experienced Master’s level Teachers
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Reading Specialist
  • Standardized testing (STAR)
  • Crisis Support staff and counselors
  • Infinite Campus
  • Parent engagement
  • Workforce skill development
  • Work Opportunities
  • Credit Recovery Opportunities

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