When You Succeed, So Do We

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  • Darcell
    At first, Darcell was reluctant about spending time in Lad Lake’s Residential Treatment program. But when he found out he was one of the oldest residents…
  • Kyle
    When Kyle enrolled in Lad Lake’s Day Education program at age 11, he struggled with disciplinary issues and had a difficult time controlling his anger…
  • Amalia
    Amalia spent a good deal of her youth struggling with emotional issues. But when she enrolled in Lad Lake’s Synergy Alternative School…
  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel lived in five different foster homes before even turning six. Now 17, he has been living in a group home for the past three years…
  • Rebecca
    Born in Ghana, West Africa in 1987, Rebecca immigrated to the United States in 2000. A difficult home life led to the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare…
  • Teresa
    Throughout her life, Teresa has encountered many obstacles. And yet, she’s faced every one of them with maturity, courage, and determination…
  • Lucy
    Sex trafficking is not just a problem confined to faraway countries. Here in Milwaukee, girls as young as 13 are coerced into the sex trade. Lucy was one of those girls. As a young teenager, Lucy was abducted and locked in a basement by a man she thought she could trust. He drugged and exploited […]
  • Deidre
    Deidre is a 29 year-old entrepreneur and mother. In 2014, she decided to follow her passion for baking by starting a pastry business and share her love of sweets. Her business slogan reads “baked from the heart” – something Deidre has needed a lot throughout her life. At age 12, Deidre was abused and molested […]
  • Nicole
    One winter, Milwaukee police found a teenage girl shivering on the streets and suffering from hypothermia. They brought her back safely, took her into custody, and transferred her to Lad Lake’s St. Rose campus. Her name was Nicole. She was 17. Her mother battled with mental illness, while her father struggled to make the rent. […]
  • Richard
    Richard was a 17-year-old Junior in High School with a world of opportunity ahead of him. He was a top athlete on his school’s swim team, in honors classes and seemingly doing well. As the oldest sibling in his family, Richard even helped his single mom take care of his younger brothers and sisters. He […]
  • Jacob
    “You wouldn’t notice anything if you ran into him at a fast food place. You wouldn’t realize he has any kind of disability. But if you started a conversation, you’d realize Jacob can’t look you in the eye,” explains Jacob’s mom. Jacob has Asperger’s, an autism spectrum disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction […]
  • Emily
    Mental illness is most often associated with adults, though it is estimated that 1 in 5 children are diagnosed with a mental health condition before age 17. For Emily, that illness manifested early in life, and by the time she was in kindergarten, she had seen her first psychiatrist. Originally diagnosed with ADHD, Emily struggled […]
  • Crystal O.
    Crystal O.
    Crystal was raised by an older sibling until the age of 12. When her sister died of sickle cell anemia she and her brother lived in foster homes…
  • Bregetta
    For most, Bregetta’s childhood is unimaginable.  She, along with her sister and mother, were the victims of domestic abuse. They lived in extreme poverty, often with not enough to eat. Her mother struggled with drugs. It was a dark time. “It was hard,” Bregetta remembers, “I couldn’t cry. I had to be strong for my […]
  • Ashley
    “This is your book, your chapter in life, and you have to speak up for the things you want, and the things you need,” Ashley is a young woman wise beyond her years. She has to be. At four years old, Ashley entered into the foster care system, where she bounced around from family to […]