Sex Trafficking Recovery

According to the APA, as a result of sex trafficking, women and girls often suffer from serious mental health issues, drug and alcohol addition and self-injurious behavior. Lad Lake steps in to ensure these survivors have a safe place to recover and the resources they need to heal.

Susan’s Story

Susan and her mother moved to Milwaukee as an older child. Susan struggled with the move and had difficulty transitioning.

She was constantly running away. When on the run, Susan became involved with someone who ultimately would sell her to a group of men and force her to take drugs and alcohol. When Susan finally came to Lad Lake, she had just turned 12.

Today, Susan and her mother were able to rebuild their relationship with treatment and help from Lad Lake therapists and counselors. They have made significant efforts to support each other and Susan is now healthy, safe and thriving.

*To protect the her privacy, we have changed this survivor's name.


How Lad Lake is Helping

Lad Lake provides specialized residential treatment for commercially sexually exploited youth. As a COA-accredited organization, Lad Lake focuses on nationally-recognized, proven programs in its treatment process to help young girls heal.

In 2013, Lad Lake opened the first specific residential campus for survivors of sex trafficking in Metro-Milwaukee. As one of the few facilities of its kind in the U.S., the center offers:

  1. A safe, therapeutic and trauma-sensitive environment for victimized girls.
  2. A rural campus that protects young people from pimps and deters runaways.
  3. A family-centered approach that includes weekly therapy and safety planning for community engagement.
  4. Nationally recognized programming that utilizes best practices to achieve long-term results.


The Treatment Process

Recognize, Rebuild and Reconnect

Through the trauma-informed model, Lad Lake’s comprehensive treatment team offers the following: Specially trained staff with an enhanced support ratio (1 staff for 3 youth)

  • Teachers
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nurses
  • Legal and juvenile justice support
  • Crisis support staff and counselors
  • Community Service
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Art, movement and music Therapy
  • Therapeutic Recreation & Offsite Equine Therapy

Empowerment Heals

Group work with a survivor is just one of the ways girls in the program learn to overcome their experiences and heal

Since 2013, Lad Lake has been proud to help girls with:

  • Treatment that extends beyond just a few weeks and focuses on long-term results.
  • A near 0% runaway rate due to our Metro-Milwaukee location.
  • 75% of girls either complete the program and return home, or enter into a lower level of care.
  • Highly-skilled staff who have completed the national “Ending the Game” training.