Shelter Care

Lad Lake’s Waukesha Shelter Care is a collaboration with the Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services to provide emergency residence for youth in crisis. The shelter provides temporary housing for youth between the ages of 10-17 up to 30 days – or until stability can be established in the home.

Youth enter into shelter care because they are unable to be in the home of their parents or guardians due to a variety of circumstances, which may include:

  • Youth who are unsafe in their home
  • Behavior has become troubling or unsafe
  • Official court sanctions
  • Other needs that may require temporary shelter

In a trauma-sensitive environment, Lad Lake’s goal for residents of shelter care is to create a safe environment and provide stabilization while the Department of Health can begin to look for ways to support the youth and his or her family.


Lad Lake’s dedicated and caring staff help support youth in a number of therapeutic ways including art, music and physical recreational activities.

Benefits of the Shelter Care Program include:

  • A sense of normalcy during a traumatic event of being removed from the home
  • Transportation to their home school
  • Positive role models
  • Daily living skills development
  • Coping skills development