Aging Out of Foster Care

Fact: Foster kids who turn 18 without ever being adopted are 12 times as likely as other young adults to end up homeless.

Only 55% of youth leaving foster care complete high school, only 9% enter college and kids who don't get adopted before they turn 18 are more likely to end up homeless.

That is why Lad Lake offers teens who are “aging out” of foster care the opportunities they need to succeed. Whether it’s through assistance in school, skill-building for independent living, or help finding a job, Lad Lake ensures that teens without traditional family supports have help they can rely on.

Lad Lake’s foster care support programs offers more than 350 foster and former foster kids safety, teach life skills, and provide critical assistance needed to succeed in school and life. Lad Lake is committed to helping foster kids at every stage of life. We provide emergency shelter for children in crisis not yet in foster care, educational support for foster kids without a permanent family, and help for teens “aging out” of foster care so they can live independently. Lad Lake is there every step of the way.


Youth who graduate from Lad Lake programs are THREE TIMES as likely to continue on to higher education compared to the state average.

72% of youth in our programs have been employed with our job search assistance.
55% of youth leaving foster care complete high school.
350 foster and former foster kids supported by programs on safety and life skills.

...In order to get what else is out here for you, you have to let things go… Lad Lake has been a very supportive network for me. It’s like my second home.

-Ashley, a former Lad Lake client