“My year at Synergy was a real transition. It helped me realize I, too, want to help people.”

Amalia spent a good deal of her youth struggling with emotional issues. But when she enrolled in Lad Lake’s Synergy Alternative School, Amalia quickly turned her life around, discovering a creative energy the Synergy staff actively encouraged.

“I really found myself at Synergy,” she says. “The staff taught me how to express myself constructively through my poetry. They helped me realize I could write a poem, release certain emotions through my words, then reflect upon them in a constructive way so I would be able to learn from them.”

Amalia embraced her creative talent and followed her inspiration to the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, where she discovered a knack for journalism and began writing for the school newspaper. Amalia also spends time reaching out to other students who find themselves similar situation as she once did.

“My year at Synergy was a real transition,” says Amalia. “It helped me realize I, too, want to help people. I plan to study psychotherapy so I can pass on to others what people around me – especially those at Synergy – have given me … the knowledge that I am an individual and that I am important.”

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