Jacob’s Story

Jacob's Graduation

Jacobs Story.

While attending high school, Jacob took AP math classes and excelled in school. However, when the pandemic hit, it negatively affected Jacob, as it did with many of us. The change he experienced from in-person to virtual school was more challenging than anticipated. While some students embrace change quickly, others may struggle. And as Jacob became increasingly disconnected from his studies in the virtual environment and the difficulties he had experienced, he switched to Lad Lake's Synergy School.

Jacob received counseling to get to the root of the problems he was experiencing; our staff provided him with the guidance he needed to thrive and support tools to reach his goals.

Jacob's mother, Donna's statement reinforces what Lad Lake stands for in guiding growth, "We are so thankful for everything you, the teachers, and staff have done for Jacob for helping him achieve his diploma. We feel like Jacob probably would not have been able to accomplish this if he hadn't been in Lad Lake Synergy school because the staff was so encouraging and helpful. It truly was a positive experience for all of us, and we are so grateful that Jacob was given the Herb Kohl scholarship to further his education!!."

Jacob's story doesn't end there. Jacob graduated from our Synergy school and went on to win the $10,000 Herb Kohl Foundation Excellence Scholarship, a phenomenal accomplishment.

Those of us that are unaware of what the Herb Kohl Foundation supports. The Kohl Foundation award program has awarded more than $28.3 million to Wisconsin educators, principals, students, and schools, and only 174 students receive this award!

Nothing is truly more rewarding than being a part of a supportive environment that embraces who you are as an individual and invests the time and patience to make you feel comfortable and, more importantly, understood! Our Synergy school provides the tools, the talent, and the endurance for our students to succeed!

According to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, only 50% of youth with mental health issues and developmental disorders receive treatment. Of those, half drop out of high school.

With Lad Lake's support, 100% of students that overcome many life challenges at our school graduate. The vital resources we provide to our students may include psychiatrists, medical staff, alcohol, and drug counseling, crisis support staff, and counseling professionals.

At lad lake, we focus on helping students reach their potential through transitioning to lead healthy and safe lives with the ultimate goal of being self-reliant.

Our services cover:

  • Specialized academic programs with a highly-individualized classroom environment with a high teacher-to-student ratio,
  • Promote independent living and job skills to prevent homelessness for students aging out of foster care and youth with mental health challenges,
  • Support family stability with in-home therapy, mentoring, supervised visitations, and outpatient services;
  • Residential treatment through evidence-based programs and caring staff,
  • Sex trafficking recovery based on a trauma-informed model, and
  • Shelter care for youths who are unable to stay within the home.

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