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By Lad Lake Team / August 25, 2020 / Comments Off on Amalia

“My year at Synergy was a real transition. It helped me realize I, too, want to help people.” Amalia spent a good deal of her youth struggling with emotional issues. But when she enrolled in Lad Lake’s Synergy Alternative School, Amalia quickly turned her life around, discovering a creative energy the Synergy staff actively encouraged.…

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By Lad Lake Team / August 25, 2020 / Comments Off on Kyle

“The most valuable lesson I learned at Lad Lake was to make friends before you make foes. And always try to be friendly.” When Kyle enrolled in Lad Lake’s Day Education program at age 11, he struggled with disciplinary issues and had a difficult time controlling his anger. Four short years later, he’s begun transitioning…

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By Lad Lake Team / August 25, 2020 / Comments Off on Darcell

“I wanted to teach these kids that you don’t have to let your mistakes weigh you down …” At first, Darcell was reluctant about spending time in Lad Lake’s Residential Treatment program. But when he found out he was one of the oldest residents on campus, he realized the importance of turning his life around…

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Thank You – 2017 Kettle Classic

By admin / September 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Thank You – 2017 Kettle Classic

Thank you to everyone who participated Saturday, June 17, 2017 in our 2017 Kettle Classic. Our volunteers, our participants and our sponsors played such a vital role in how successful we were this year! Final numbers will be posted shortly.  Marcus’ story, one that we post often, is just a small reminder of why events like…

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By Lad Lake Team / September 5, 2017 / Comments Off on Bregetta

For most, Bregetta’s childhood is unimaginable.  She, along with her sister and mother, were the victims of domestic abuse. They lived in extreme poverty, often with not enough to eat. Her mother struggled with drugs. It was a dark time. “It was hard,” Bregetta remembers, “I couldn’t cry. I had to be strong for my…

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By Lad Lake Team / August 31, 2015 / Comments Off on Nicole

One winter, Milwaukee police found a teenage girl shivering on the streets and suffering from hypothermia. They brought her back safely, took her into custody, and transferred her to Lad Lake’s St. Rose campus. Her name was Nicole. She was 17. Her mother battled with mental illness, while her father struggled to make the rent.…

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